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AHigherVision is a technology and consulting firm dedicated to supporting higher education, non-profit, and government organizations in their efforts to improve and sustain the quality of life for their communities. With a strong reputation as national leaders, we are committed to making a measurable impact through our deep expertise, agility, and extensive experience. Our goal is to enhance and transform these vital sectors, helping them achieve their vision for the future.

Our eVa ID number is: VS0000242855. 

#AHigherVisionLeader A leader with a vision 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”― Nelson Mandela


With the world becoming increasingly fast-paced and globalized, it’s never been clearer that people with experience in leadership roles are necessary to help organizations succeed. Art Fridrich is a future focused and entrepreneurially spirited individual who has extensive knowledge on how to foster positive relationships between all levels of an organization as well as community stakeholders. 

As a trusted partner to executive leadership, Art combines industry best practices around the delivery of human centric IT program delivery, strategic planning, and project management with the ability to engage in collaborative communication. This skill set allows Art to help successfully deliver technology and human solutions for administration, infrastructure, teaching and learning that amplify human efforts.  

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The Chesterfield Food Bank provides food for our families, seniors, and individuals in our home community that would otherwise go hungry.

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Your gift makes a difference in a student’s life and will help the Thurgood Marshall College Fund continue to support the Black College Community..