Why AHigherVision  LLC?

We Unite Organizations With The Right People

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Enterprise Systems

Our Motivation

Team Work

AHigherVision wants to work with you and your teams to collectively use your problem solving ability, expertise, and capabilities to create change and drive lasting impact.

Create Lasting Change

AHigherVision wishes to take on any number of roles in order to help solve your toughest issues or to help in completing a mission critical projects for lasting change.

Trusted Partner

AHigherVision wishes to be trusted advisor to top management one week and the next be a hands-on coach to front line employees. Either way, solving tough problems that will challenge the organization.

What People Say ?

Mr. Fridrich is solutions-oriented, an effective team player and a thought leader in the area of higher education technology.

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Program Manager


” Mr. Fridrich is a person with great recognition and deep proficiency of modern solutions. His experience and intelligence makes it easy for him to view solutions instead of problems.

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Technology Manager


” Mr. Fridrich is a nationally recognized professional. He does a phenomenal job to drive and implement a “best practices” philosophy, while using key metrics as a component to evaluate performance, identify gaps and prioritize work flow. 

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University President

West Virginia